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Haier HDY-D70 Tumble Dryer

Haier products are based on proven platforms of technology and engineering with the efficient work force that makes it distinguished from the crowd. With the straightforward control system and alluring control panel comes Haier HDY-D70 White Colour, Condenser Tumble Dryer to catch up the competition. Matching with the customer needs and requirements it has transformed all the essential features in this product about which is this review.


This model was introduced as a top racing product with the condenser technology with the built in water reservoir. With the good start of making this product impressive in design with the white colour housing in the dimension of  850mm in height, 595mm in width and 620mm in depth. This product is also easy to move with the weight of 42kg. With the ability to handle the laundry of 7kg it is known to be a good laundry solution for the individual or small families. Among the many high tech machines this also tries to match up with the exclusive control system with the LED display and the electronic timer along with the programme setting with the help of the rotary knob.

Haier HDY-D70 Tumble Dryer

Technical Study:

Haier HDY-D70 Grade ‘C’ Rated Tumble Dryer with the front door opening has an opaque door and hence the maintenance of glass is eliminated. The porthole has a justified size of 44cm. The door opening is been hinged in the right side. Well planned for the durability with the steel drum. The water reservoir has the capacity of 4.3 litres. In the operational mode the noise emission is 65 dBa which is on the higher side when put side by side with similar models. The dry speed is 40 / 50 rpm.


This model does have final cool cycle which means on the completion of the programme the laundry can be unloaded immediately without the feel of heat. It gives 11 different programmes which are dedicated to handle cotton, synthetics and even the mixed fabrics. However the special programmes does not include wool and delicate programmes. It can be programmes for the quick dry and even the shoes can be handled with the help of a shoe rack. When required one can programme with the low heat option as well.

Features and Indicators:

Child lock option is available to keep the programme safe from the unauthorised alteration of the programme. This protects the programme from unexpected changes. The indicators are present for the programme completion but the worrying point is that it is not available for the filter check and the water tank full.

In case of the continuous operation the motor gets over heated and the protection is available by automatic intimation. This keeps the machine safe and going for years to come. Another interesting feature is the adjustable feet which are present in both the front and the rear side that helps to install the dryer evenly even in any floor conditions. The presence of shoe rack helps to give an optimised dry to the shoes and also handles it safe.


Overall the energy consumption is 5.1 kWh which comes with the energy efficiency of grade ‘C’. The power input is 2800 Watts. The delay start option that is available allows the user to use the odd hours power as it can be set from 1 hour to 19 hours. Since Haier HDY-D70 Front Loading Tumble Dryer is engineered in the condenser technology the venting kit is not required and it gives the drain kit.

Specification Table:

Manufacturer Haier
Model Name HDY-D70 Tumble Dryer
Colour White
Drying Capacity in kg 7
Size (height x width x depth) 850 x 595 x 620mm
Drying Type Condenser
Weight 42kg
Noise level 65 dBa
Energy class C
Energy consumption 5.1 kWh per cycle
Maytag MTD 09 HP WH Sensor Tumble Dryer Review

Maytag has always been favourite among its customers and though this is more than just a mere success, the brand always aims to keep up busy looking for the innovative and new release in the form of upgraded models. With the best of its class in design and technology it proves to be a brand promising better satisfaction. The following is the review of Maytag MTD 09 HP WH Sensor Tumble Dryer which brings out more details about the product.


The unique feature is Intellisense Technology which works with the measure of the level of humidity that is present inside the drum. Where in it automatically controls and adjusts the temperature level and so the clothes do not get over dried. It saves on time and energy.

Another feature is the optimal diagonal air flow system which works by sending the heated air to flow diagonally into the drum. This supports the laundry to expose to the hot air longer and hence it works well with the drying efficiency. This again is a supportive feature for saving the time and energy. The large drum opening with the diameter of 38cm and the door opening is 140 degree. It helps the user to easily load and unload the fabrics.

The display present in the control panel is LCD screen. This gives you the complete feedback of the drying status at anytime of the programme. Lastly the worth noted feature is the energy rating of grade ‘A’. This makes Maytag MTD 09 HP WH Sensor Condenser Tumble Dryer suitable even for the power conscious homes.

Design Details:

This model takes the dimension of 800mm in height, 600mm in width and 620mm in depth. The housing is white in colour and it is a front loading and freestanding appliance. This dryer works with the condenser technology and hence there is no requirement for venting. The capacity this model can handle is 9kg which clearly finds its place even in the homes of large homes.

Controls and Programmes:

The control panel is present in the top stretch which has a control knob, the display screen and the control buttons. The control knob helps to select the programmes. Present in this model are the soft touch buttons for the start and reset operations. The other control buttons present just below the display screen are the child lock, drum light activation, delay start, drying time selection, dryness level selection, buzzer and the anti-crease.

The programmes that are available for auto selection are 7 types, it also has 7 special programmes and 9 additional programmes. The various programmes available are Extra dry, cupboard dry plus, cupboard dry, iron dry, extra dry, mixed load, jeans, soft finish, big items, delicate plus, timed drying and airing.

Other Product Features:

This model has an automatic feature of over dry protection. This automatically works to bring out the optimised level of protection. This helps to maintain the quality of the fabrics. The few indicator lights that assist in giving the best quality drying and also to maintain the quality of the appliance. They are remaining time, water tank full, programme completion and the filter check.

The noise emission is 71 dBa which is slightly on the higher side and needs a comparison. The energy efficiency is been rated with grade ‘A’ which means it is 50% low in consumption than the models with a lower grade.


Maytag MTD 09 HP WH Sensor Grade ‘A’ Energy Rated Tumble Dryer comes with a coverage for 2 years which is been offered by the manufacturer that makes it better to decide on its purchase.

Product Specifications:

Manufacturer Maytag
Model Name MTD 09 HP WH Tumble Dryer
Colours available White
Size (height x width x depth) mm 800 x 600 x 620mm
Drying Type Condenser
Machine type Freestanding
Drying Capacity in kg 9
Loading type Front loading
Anti crease function Yes
LED display Yes
Final cool tumble action Yes
Reverse action Yes
Iron dry Yes
Other programmes Extra dry, cupboard dry plus, cupboard dry, iron dry,
extra dry, mixed load, jeans, soft finish, big items,
delicate plus, timed drying and airing
Filter care indicator Yes
Noise level 71 dBa
Features Heat pump technology
Intellisense Technology
Optimum diagonal Air-flow system
LCD display
Over dry protection
Large door opening
Energy Rating Grade ‘A’
Warranty 2 years
Hotpoint TVF 770A Vented Tumble Dryer Review

Hotpoint the brand that never lets down but gives out impressive product for enhanced features. On winning many awards the brand proves excellence in quality, performance and technology. Hotpoint TVF 770A Vented Tumble Dryer is one another product included in the laundry segment. It works with the vented technology and digital controls.

Design Details:

Designed with the body colour of inox with the vented working technology it stands to be a front loading and free standing appliance. The dimension of this product is 850mm in height, 595mm in width and 550mm in depth. It is capable of handling the weight of 7.5kg. The operations are with electronic control and it does have a digital display.

Highlighted Features:

Specially, programmes in the tumble dryer of this series are a refresh programme which is a 20 minutes cool programme which works on the dry clothes and refreshes them. This can be ideally used for long time stored clothes in the cupboards.

Yet another interesting feature which is a set and forget sensor drying which is an automatic programme that requires setting the drying level among the damp dry, iron, hanger, cupboard dry or ready to wear. The machine automatically works by sensing the moisture level and it also ensures that the desired level is been obtained.

Hotpoint TVF 770A 7.5kg Capacity Tumble Dryer has a special drum action which helps to prevent the formation of creases. The programme works with no heat and hence it also allows unloading after some time of the programme completion.

The special endorsement is obtained by the wool mark for the professional handling of the wool fabrics in this appliance. This programme works with the single side drum action which eliminates the friction between the fabrics.


Available are 10 preset programmes and one manual timed drying programme. The programmes are dedicated for different types of fabrics and for different level of dryness along with the type of care. The cotton programmes are available for extra dry, cupboard dry, hanger dry and iron dry. The synthetics programme is available for the cupboard dry. It also has bed and bath, delicate programme, wool, airing and easy iron. Along with these ten programmes comes the timed drying which works in wet clothes with the required dryness, it works with lot heat in case of small loads and high heat in case of heavy loads.

Controls and Display:

The programmes are selected with the control knob which is been assisted with the help of the indicator light. Hotpoint TVF 770A Grade ‘C’ Rated Tumble Dryer also has a display for the timer. The delay start timer when set comes in display and starts the count down timer. The soft touch buttons sets the special functions. The door opening is controlled when the programme for additional safety. The temperature selection button is also available which needs to be programmed while setting the timed programme. The indicator lights are for the child lock, start/pause, progress indicator, option button and clean filter indication.


This vented technology allows permanent venting option and mobile venting option. Handling is nimble with its control system. The discover of programmes seems to be interesting as it suits all types of fabrics and comes with the special touch of anti-creasing system. The 10+1 programme help a great deal and it is easy for selection. The three automatic drying levels are added benefits. The energy class of grade ‘C’ makes a slight lag behind the better rated models.


Hotpoint gives a guarantee for the period of 12 months which covers both parts and labour.

Hotpoint TVF 770A Specs

Manufacturer Hotpoint
Model Name TVF 770A Vented Tumble Dryer
Finish Inox
User interface Digital display
Size (height x width x depth) 850 x 595 x 550mm
Drying Type Vented
Machine type Freestanding
Drying Capacity in kg 7.5
Loading type Front loading
Number of drying programmes 10+1
Energy efficiency rating C
Main Features
Number of heat settings 2
Anti crease function Yes
LED display Yes
Final cool tumble action Yes
Reverse action Yes
Temperature selector Yes
Vent hose Yes
Guarantee 12 months for parts and labour
LG RC9042AQ3Z TrueSteam Tumble Dryer Review

LG always introduces next generation products and it gives a proper target for its competitors to beat. With the commendable performance few other new products are showcased in its home appliance segment. It showed the brilliance in engineering which can be seriously considered for purchase. Like wise is LG RC9042AQ3Z TrueSteam Condenser Tumble Dryer which shows overall performance. The next section is the review and knowing more about this product.


The attempt to talk about the good and bad stuff of this appliance needs a description about the technology and the features that stands highlighted. LG RC9042AQ3Z TrueSteam White Colour Tumble Dryer is been designed with the heat pump technology with the true steam dryer. Both put together it gives perfect drying along with less ironing effort.

The TrueSteam system is a hygienic way to work on the fabrics which dries without the formation of much creases. It also helps to refresh the clothes that are worn just once in just 20 minutes. This reduces the odour and the creasing making it easy to use and maintain. The Heat Pump technology works efficiently and brings in more environmental friendly features which are suitable for the condenser type of drying system. It helps to bring out efficiency in energy consumption and takes the high rating of grade ‘A’.

The other aspects of the features are the sensor drying which keeps track of the moisture, humidity in the tub and the programme timing. The tumbling control is well balanced with the load in the drum and it moves in such a way that it prevent tangling which reduces creases in the fabrics. The presence of anti-bacterial coating keeps it more hygienic which takes this model to new heights.

Another new concept is the drying rack which comes as an accessory which is used to handle fragile items and also does a great job for the shoes and toys as well. When need to use the rack is clips inside the drum and on which the items to dry can be places. It is rather an interesting concept to embed this model with the smart diagnosis with which when one dials the smart diagnosis option present in the control panel, can just wait for the telephone which gets you the knowledge to fix the problem.

The Basics:

This model has white colour finish with the freestanding and front loading design. It is engineered to handle the laundry size of 9kg. The controls are electronic which does include a large display panel and the rotary knob for the selection of programmes along with few control buttons. LG RC9042AQ3Z TrueSteam Grade ‘A’ Rated Tumble Dryer works in the condenser mode in which the steam produced during the drying is condensed and is been collected in the water tank which can be later emptied. The dimension of this product is 660mm in height, 590mm in width and 840 mm in depth. The feet are adjustable in order to make the installation perfect.

Programmes and Indicators:

Having categorised the programmes in the 4 segments and each of the segments handles different types of fabrics. The programmes offered under the hybrid type are for the cotton, mixed fabrics, easy care, jeans and bulky items. The special programmes are for the sports wear, quick dry, delicate and wool. The steam programmes are for the steam hygiene, steam refresh, the timed drying are for rack dry, cool air and warm. There are more option to adjust the programme and settings which are for more time, less time, ECO hybrid option, steam options and buzzer. The dry levels are categorised for iron dry, light, cupboard, very and extra.


The other features that are the child lock, insert filter option, drum light, heater which promotes easy care for the appliance as well as the fabrics. Considering the safety features it protects from the thermal fuse and thermostat cut off. Overall, this model ensures more of good stuffs and a product that can be considered for purchase.

Specification Table

Manufacturer LG
Model Name RC9042AQ3Z TrueSteam Tumble Dryer
Colour White
Drying Capacity in kg 9
Size (height x width x depth) 660 x 590 x 840 mm
Drying Type Condenser
Weight 62kg
Noise level 60.5 dBa
Main Features
Sensor dry system Yes
Load sensor Yes
Electro safety sensor Yes
Efficient tumbling Yes
Sensor Filter, LEV, moisture and water height
Temperature selector Yes
Heater Yes
Indicators / others
Filter care indicator Yes
Remaining time indicator Yes
Empty water level Yes
End of program indicator Yes
Buzzer option Yes
Status indicator Yes
Door opening sense Yes
Accessories Included – Rack, steam connecting hose, steam Y connector
Extras – Stacking kit, Accessory hose
Whirlpool AZB 7570 7kg Condenser Tumble Dryer Review

Whirlpool is supercharged with products of super models as every time you look out for something special in features it is always there. They specialise their products with the 6th sense technology which promises on saving of energy, time and of course money. Among the line of products Whirlpool AZB 7570 7kg Condenser Tumble Dryer is a friendly one that shows no signs of fall back. Let us get to know more on it in the following review.

Design Overview:

You might wonder what is new about the design with this model and it is similar resembling to most other models available. It is difficult to feel gloomy and complain about this product as it is been enriched with the feature that mean more practical. This dryer with the 6th sense technology operated with the condenser type and it has a large water reservoir. It has a front opening door and is in freestanding style. The housing is white in colour and so is the door that is round and opaque. The door is been hinged in the right side and it is reversible when required. The controls of Whirlpool AZB 7570 White Colour Tumble Dryer are electronic which consists of jog dial and has no display options.


Appropriateness of features beats most of the models in this category as it enhances the performance in the right manner. The brief of it is discussed as follows.

Reverse tumble action which is present in this model gets the tub rotated in both ways and hence tangling of clothes is been prevented. This also helps to reduce creases in the fabrics which in turn make ironing easy.

The drum material is stainless steel make which is not only sturdy but also durable even against bulkier fabrics. The feet of the appliance are height adjustable making it possible to adjust to the floor level hence even installation is possible irrespective of the floor conditions.

There are few indicators which gives the user a clear and instant follow up. The presence of blocked filter indicator gets you attend to the block instantly. The tank full indicator lets you empty the condenser reservoir when it is full. The digital count down indicator gets you the follow up of the programme timing letting you know the completion of the programme.

Other product details:

There is a moisture monitoring system which automatically senses the presence of moisture in the fabrics and brings out the optimised drying. However, the features like the interior light and the venting of pipe which is the technology of vented dryers is not present here. This front loading appliance does come with the right side hinged but it also makes it reversible permitting installation at any side.

Energy Label:

Whirlpool AZB 7570 Freestanding Tumble Dryer works with the voltage of 220-240 volts with the frequency of 50Hz. The annual energy consumption is 277 kWh which also proves to be energy efficient. The operation of this dryer emits the noise level of 74 dBa.


Although the brand is trusted worldwide the only question that remains is the guarantee which the manufacturer does not fail to offer which is for the period of 1 year.

Whirlpool AZB 7570 Specifications

Manufacturer Whirlpool
Model Name AZB 7570 7kg Condenser Tumble Dryer
Colour White
Capacity 7 kg
Drying Type Condenser
Machine type Freestanding
Timed dry Yes
Loading type Front loading
Automatic sensor drying Yes
Water tank position Top
Door type Round, white screen door
Dimension (H x W x D)mm 845 x 596 x 632mm
Weight 40kg
Main Features
Anti crease function Yes
Controls Electronic
Final cool tumble action Yes
Reverse action Yes
Temperature selector Yes
Delay start Yes
Child lock Yes
Interior light No
Special Programmes
Extra dry Yes
Sensor programmes Yes
Wool care programme Yes
Machine iron Yes
Reversible door Yes
Blocked Filter indicator Yes
Remaining time indicator Yes
Door opening sensor Yes
Water tank full indicator Yes
End of program indicator Yes
Buzzer option Yes
Guarantee 1 year