Creda T323VW 3kg Vented Tumble Dryer

Creda T323VW Excel Compact Vented Dryer falls in the ‘Compact Series’ category of the brand ‘Creda’ – yet another noted manufacturer of domestic appliances. Carrying the the advantage of vented technology together with compactness, this dryer looks to be most suitable for many homes particularly the ones that are hard-pressed for space and small-sized families. Now, the saying “Looks Can Be Deceiving” goes well for this compact dryer as it is compact only in size (with the dimensions of 670 x 490 x 480 mm) but in terms of features and functions, it supersedes many high-end models.

Design and Feel

Creda T323VW 3kg Vented Dryer comes in an elegant white finish and is of a  freestanding construction with a front opening that ensures giving better space for loading and unloading. The front loading built also proves to be of help in saving space as it can either be tucked under available space or be stacked up. The drying capacity of this model is 3kg.


Reverse Action – This model consists of a drum that rotates both clockwise and anticlock-wise and helps prevent clothes from tangling. Also it gives an economical drying by quickly drying the clothes with minimal creasing.

Easy Care – This feature can be selected if you are looking at making the task of ironing. This is made possible by relaxing the fibers and making fabrics softer and easier to iron or fold.

Smart Dry – This automatic function works via a sensor that identifies the moisture level in the fabrics and stops automatically with the desired dryness being achieved. Thus it helps clothes from being over or under dried and from creasing.

Vent Kit – There is a free vent kit provided with this model which helps in letting out the steam produced during the drying process.

Control – The controls of this model is of a rotary type that by nature is highly durable and easy to handle.

Heat Setting – Available in this Compact Vented Dryer are two different heat settings and allows users to choose from high or low. While the high temperature suits heavy and multi-layered clothing with stubborn dirt and helps with quicker processing, the low temperature suits light and delicate fabrics or clothes that just requires minimal drying.


Though there are Special Programmes onboard this Creda T323VW to handle delicates, easy iron and cupboard dry, it lacks the Delay Start Option. There is a Final Cool Tumble with almost all programmes toward the end conditions the fabrics along with getting it ready to be attended to immediately when a programme ends.


The various indicators onboard this dryer that gives prompt intimation makes this Creda T323VW Front Loading, Freestanding Vented Dryer better than before. While there is a Filter Care Indicator that hints on the need for the fluff filter to be cleaned, the time remaining for a programme to end can be known with a single a glance at the LED display of the appliance.

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Creda T323VW Specifications, Features

Manufacturer Creda
Model Name T323VW Excel Compact Vented Dryer
Colours available White
Size (height x width x depth) mm 670 x 490 x 480 mm
Drying Type Vented
Machine type Freestanding
Drying Capacity in kg 03
Loading type Front loading
Main Features
Anti crease function Yes
LED display Yes
Final cool tumble action Yes
Reverse action Yes
Temperature selector Yes
Vent hose Yes
Automatic drying Yes
Safety start button Yes
Special Programmes
Delicate program Yes
Pillow drying No
Iron dry Yes
Freshen up Yes
Easy iron option Yes
Start delay option No
Filter care indicator Yes
Remaining time indicator Yes
Warning LED indicator Yes
Water tank full indicator No
End of program indicator Yes

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