Beko DPU8360 Condenser Tumble Dryer Review

Beko, the innovative brand, have always strived to present consumers with an array of home appliances which are engineered with a breakthrough technology allowing consumers to feel and see the difference in each of their products. One such product would be their tumble dryers, an essential home appliance, Beko DPU8360 Condenser Tumble Dryer is one [...]

Beko DCU9330 Condenser Tumble Dryer

Tumble dryers are indeed a perfect companion for washing machines. It is simple to operate and they help in saving time, energy and money. They also come in a stackable style as well that takes care of the convenience factor. Beko offers a wide range of vented and condenser models and the product in review [...]

Beko DVTC60 Vented Tumble Dryer Review

With over 40 years of experience, Beko has evolved itself to be one of the leaders in the market of home appliances. Years of experience and deep knowledge about European consumers have helped them produce high quality products that are perfect solutions for today’s need. Beko also takes care of the environmental issues that are [...]

Beko DRCT70W Tumble Dryer Review

The main advantage of a condenser type tumble dryer is the fact that it doesn’t require an external hose to vent the water out. Whereas with vented dryers one has to ensure appropriate placement of the dryer either close to a wall or an outlet. The Beko DRCT70W 7kg Capacity Tumble Dryer follows the former [...]

Beko DRVS73 Vented Tumble Dryer

Beko is a well-known establishment engaged in manufacturing a vast range of consumer products including kitchen appliances. All of their products are ISO 9001 certified and also keep a tab on other environmental standards. DRVS73 Overview: Beko DRVS73 Tumble Dryer is nothing but a prominent upgrade of their previous vented model DRVS62 by Beko in [...]