Hoover DYC88132BX Condenser Tumble Dryer Review

Hoover the established brand scores well when it comes to evenness in drying and running costs. Most popular in the home appliance segment they are the proud owners of many products that are great in design and are also the prestigious owners of many awards. Hoover DYC88132BX Condenser Tumble Dryer is one such appliance that [...]

Hoover DUC8913B Condenser Tumble Dryer Review

Hoover was originated during 1908 in Ohio and has become a registered company during 1919 in UK and managed to acquire a prime position in domestic appliance segment. Today they have spread globally and have become one of the preferred brands in many households, particularly their laundry products have widespread models of which tumble dryers [...]

Hoover HHD780X-80 Hydro Dry Tumble Dryer

Originated in 1908, ‘Hoover’ is a well-known name in the domestic appliance arena that currently is a part of ‘Hoover Candy Group‘ with a strength of around 1350 employees in UK. Model: Hoover HHD780X-80 Hydro Dry Tumble Dryer This Tumble Dryer belongs to the unique Hydro Dry Technology that neither falls in the condenser nor [...]

Hoover VHC391T Condenser Tumble Dryer Review

Hoover Vision HD VHC391T Tumble Dryer is a large-sized appliance that can comfortably accommodate a 9kg load. This product carries a signature of the well-known brand ‘Hoover’, and is made of rich features and functions that suits even a large sized family. The overview of this Tumble Dryer is White colour body Freestanding Condenser type [...]

Hoover VHV380 8Kg Vented Tumble Dryer

Hoover stands with pride as it completes almost a century now after having originated in Ohio in the year 1908. They have managed to successfully sustain in the home appliance arena efficiently by becoming a registered company in the UK since 1919. Hoover VHV380 White Colour Tumble Dryer falls in the vented category of drying [...]